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Room Palms

Room palm trees are immediately reminiscent of tropical places or places, and therefore they ensure that wherever they are placed in the house, that place is completely different. The Mediterranean atmosphere is brought into the room.

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We have a wide range of room palms that can stand in your living room. Take the Canary date palm, for example. With its beautiful feathery leaves, it will immediately remind you of, for example, the Canary Islands, because its name already reveals a little... this palm originates from the Canary Islands.

You can literally bring your holiday into your living room with our great room palms.

You can also be sure that if you buy a room palm from Teeninga Palmen, you have purchased a high quality room palm !

We have several room palms in our assortment, such as the Canary Dadelpalm, the Washingtonia Robusta (desert palm), the Cycas Revoluta (peace palm) and much more.

A room palm creates a tropical atmosphere in your living room.

Most of these indoor palm trees can also be planted as potted plants in your garden during the summer months, but they must be brought inside again during the winter months.

If you prefer a hardy palm tree, you can choose this category at the top of the screen.