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The Washingtonia robusta - Desert palm

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Is the Washingtonia robusta poisonous for dogs or cats?

No, this palm tree can be placed on a place with animals, but it does get thorns, so the animals don't have to jump on it etcetera.

How fast does the Washingtonia robusta grow?

The growth rate of the Washingtonia robusta depends on its size and age, or lee phase, but during the peak of its life it grows up to one meter per year! This requires optimal conditions.

How hardy is the Washingtonia robusta?

The Washingtonia robusta is hardy to -5 degrees Celsius. We recommend to bring in the palm tree when it is going to freeze. Freezing with wind is disastrous for the Washingtonia.

How do I take care of my Washingtonia robusta?

You can find everything about the care of the robusta in our expanded encyclopaedia article.

How long does a Washingtonia robusta live?

The expected age of a Washingtonia robusta is higher than 500 years! So you can buy a robusta without any problem, because it gets older than we do ourselves.

The Washingtonia robusta is a wonderfully graceful palm, also called the desert palm. This palm is found in Africa and the Mediterranean coast. It derives its gracefulness from its long thin leaves around which beautiful threads curl, making it popular with almost everyone.

The Washingtonia grows a thick stem, but is not hardy. Its stems have small spines, so be careful when handling this palm, for scratches in your skin or holes in your clothes.

If you would like to have this palm outside anyway, then that's possible up to a temperature of -5 degrees. Underneath that, it really gets into trouble.
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