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Winter-hardy palm trees are becoming more common in Dutch gardens, and are immediately reminiscent of Mediterranean places.

You can use our beautiful hardy palm trees to make a unique holiday feeling in your own backyard, as if you are in Spain, France or Greece.

A palm tree will transform any place where it stands into a holiday spot, so you can completely relax in your own garden with our beautiful hardy palm trees.

There are more and more hardy palm varieties that can be found in our Dutch garden, because the winters are becoming milder and milder.

The best known hardy palm trees in the Netherlands are Trachycarpus Fortunei, Trachycarpus Wagnerianus and Chamaerops Humilis (European Miniature Palm), because they are highly frost-resistant, and can easily tolerate 10-13 degrees below zero.

These varieties are very popular, and we have in stock all year round.


In the world of hardy palms there are many differences in quality and hardness, as it often says that a species can reach -18 degrees, such as the Trachycarpus Fortunei, but what is usually the case is that they come directly from Spain, and therefore like a nice warm climate. Of course, these palm trees cannot tolerate frost very well, because they are simply not used to it, so your palm can freeze to death more quickly, which is why we get most of our hardy palms .

That's what we also arrange for very cheap prices!

You can also find everything about the care of palm trees in our online encyclopedia, such as when you can transplant the hardy palm tree, what types of palm trees there are, how to prune your palm tree, how to grow the palm trees faster, how to get the palm tree to brown leaves, although with palm trees, the lower leaves always turn brown, annually.

We also have the possibility to supply you with extra large hardy palm trees, even if your desired size is not listed.

Do you want to buy for example a very large Trachycarpus Fortunei from 5 à 6 meters high? Call us or mail us, and we can arrange it for you!



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