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Wholesale Palm Trees, Tropical Plants & Trees

Teeninga Palmen is your partner for wholesale palm trees

Make use of our great wholesale discount prices
What we have to offer

Do you own a company and you would like to sell palm trees or other tropical plants? Or maybe you want to partner with a reliable wholesaler who delivers top quality for low prices?

We are the company you've been looking for! With our large range of tropical plants and trees, there's always something that is a great fit for your store.

For larger quantities and bulk amount buying, you can count on us.

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With our new business platform, from our large range of products, you can easily find the right ones for your company. Within 1 or 2 clicks find all the relevant information regarding discount options and product descriptions, so you can start filling up your store.

Ordering new supply for your business is a breeze, and it will be delivered within notime

With TeeningaPalmen PalmTrade you will given the following:

  • An easy to use business environment adjusted to your company
  • Overview of our products and their discount options
  • Default discounts of 5%-25% on all of our products that are not selected for special discounts.
  • Detailed information and photo's of every product to use as inspiration for your store
  • The ability to place online wholesale orders, to meet your supply needs
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