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Plants and Flowers Encyclopedia

Providing your plant with good nutrition

Plants that are green should of course remain so too. We explain here in this chapter how your flowering or tropical plant can be properly fed and therefore become and remain healthy and strong.



  • Potting soil is the basis
  • Liquid food is often used
  • A plant is a body builder

Why it is good to feed your plant

Good nutrition is half the work, so it is also good to know that your room or garden plant also needs nutrition, which your plant needs mainly in its growth and flowering season (spring and summer).
By providing your plant with the right nutrition, it will reward you with beautiful dark green leaves. Or, if it is a flowering plant, it will flower beautifully!

Your plant is actually a bodybuilder

It is best to compare the plant with a bodybuilder who is busy all week to make his muscles bigger. The right nutrition is a must to grow, but about 80% of the 'muscle'growth depends on the nutrition! Of course, this way your young plant can not grow better if it does not receive the right plants nutrition!

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What is the best nutrition for a plant

Each plant is different and has its own nutrient list of substances which makes it grow faster.

Nutrition for houseplants

Did you know that there is a lot of nutrition on the market that does not help your plant to grow, but rather to die?
This is because they consist of compounds that contain harmful chemicals, which usually cause the plant to look great for a few months, but to become ugly later. We therefore recommend that you give your houseplant universal nutrition, such as Florentus, which will promote growth and increase root growth.

Nutrition for palm trees

We often see palm trees along the road with ugly yellow leaves or all kinds of dead spots, while in the shop they have a beautiful dark green color.
This is because palms (especially in the pot) also need food, which will make your palm tree stand out beautifully again. Nor do palms like to be given all kinds of crazy substances that actually only give them a boost for a few months. We therefore recommend Palm focus, which is special food based on seaweed and is therefore completely organic, and contains literally everything a palm tree needs, so you don't need to buy an extra palm booster or a root booster. No, it really contains everything your palm needs in terms of supplementary food.

Nutrition for olive trees

Olive trees are beautiful Mediterranean plants that also sometimes need a sip of nutrition, so they keep their beautiful light gray leaves. For olive trees we recommend Olive Focus, which is liquid nutrition specially made for olive trees.
Olive Focus makes sure that your olive tree looks great and stimulates root growth. Olive Focus is based on seaweed and is also completely organic.

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Nutritional soil, the basis, as important as supplemental nutrition

Good potting soil is the basis, because the plant here in and on, must grow and bloom, so this is super important for the plant!
There are many different types of soil that you can use for your plants. E.g. take a palm tree... What type of soil is best given to the palm so that it will grow optimally?

We explain this further here.

Potting soil for houseplants

All types of potting soil mean that you can no longer see the forest through the trees. We recommend that you use Green Jan or universal potting soil for ordinary houseplants, for example. This will promote the growth of your plant, but please note: this will contain nutrients for no more than a few months, so if you want to be sure of good nutrient supply, you are advised to go for Florentus Houseplants Nutritional Soil, which is of very high quality and therefore also has the quality mark 'Good Soil'.

Potting soil for garden plants

For normal garden plants it is best to use Green Jan or another garden soil, but with Green Jan you can spoil them, so that they are assured of a good nutrition, so that they will become and remain more beautiful green.

Potting soil for Mediterranean plants

Mediterranean plants do not originate from our frog country and therefore need a specialized nutrient medium!
For Mediterranean plant species such as Yuccas, Olive trees, Palm trees, Agaves and Banana plants, we recommend special Mediterranean potting soil. Both for when planted outdoors in the garden, or in the house, or in the garden, it is best to mix the Mediterranean potting soil with the soil, so that your plant will get used to the soil around it, so that it will accept the new conditions more quickly and better, which will make it grow faster.
For Mediterranean plants we recommend DCM or Mediterranean potting soil from Florentus, which will ensure that your plant will grow and flower beautifully.

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What is the best time to feed a plant

It is best to give your house or garden plants liquid food in spring, summer and autumn, even when it is warmer than usual. You do not need to feed your plant in the colder months, as it will be in a kind of resting period and therefore has no strong desire for liquid food, but it is always important that you provide your house plant with the right soil in time!

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When you can best repot your plant

The best time to repot your garden plant is in the spring, and it could be in the summer months, but it's best in the spring. With normal garden trees, it's best to plant in the autumn months, so that they can grow well in the winter months. You can repot your houseplant in the spring, summer and autumn, but in the winter months it's possible, but it's not really necessary yet, and the plant will be less easy to restore the roots in that period.
Repotting is best done in a pot of 2 to 6 cm larger than the older one.

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