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About Teeninga Palmen

Your Online Tropical Garden Center

We are the Online Tropical Garden Center specialized in Tropical plants and espeically hardy ones that can handle cold Dutch winters.

We enjoy helping you realize your mediterranean/exotic dream garden, with our climate insensitive exotic plants and trees. We are not limited to gardens though. We also have plenty of products suitable for rooms in your home, or office building.

We started this company through our Passion for tropical plants and trees. In the beginning we already nurtured our own small palm trees.

No imagination is too wild, for us to be able to deliver. Yucca's, Agave's, Palm trees, Banana plants, Strelitzia's, Olive Trees, Bamboo and also room plants... Our experts search the whole wide world for the right tropical plants. Our range of products comes from far and wide! We always keep extending our ranges with new products.

Quality and service are our first priority

From us, you can expect the best service! We are lways ready to advise you or to help you bring your dream project to reality.

We also guarantee that our plants are of the Highest quality. We keep an extensive range of products in our own garden center and take extra care to maintain it. When you order from us the plants will be freshly picked up from the garden center. They will be extra checked and tidied, and that's when we ship it. Most of the time: ordered before 12:00 = delivered the next day (within The Netherlands).

Our prices are low!

Not only do we try our hardest to offer the best service, We have direct connections to large nurseries that we visit personally, so we, with our own hands, pick out the best plants they have! This makes sure that we can offer them at lower prices than our competition, by a large margin. That's why we are the best choice for all your tropical plant and tree needs.

Our website is filled to the brim with helpful information

Browse around our products comfortably and read the extensive explanations. Do you want to know even more? Just take a look at our encyclopedia or blog! Lots of articles in there about taking care of plants, making the right decisions, pest control, or inspiring things.. We have written them all with great care.

Do you want to rent palms? Or want to buy palms for a large projects?

We offer many kind of exotic plants that you almost cannot get elsewhere, and supply them speedily within any price range. If you're interested in buying large mediterranean trees or renting, please send us an email and describe your event, the necessities, and we will make you an offer. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email! We love to come to mutual agreement with our clients.

A small view on what we can offer

Hardy Palm Trees

On the left you see the Trachycarpus fortunei, our most popular palm tree. This one is fantastic for the Dutch garden, because it can handle 17 centigrade of cold! It becomes very tall and beautiful. However, this is just 1 product from our large range of hardy palm trees. For example, we also sell the Trachycarpus wagnerianus, the Chamaerops humilis, Phoenix canariensis and many many more. Do these names not ring a bell with you? That's ok, just browse around on our article pages, and you will find many photo's and explanations.

Hardy Olive Trees

Olive trees are also hardy for the winters up until -13 Centigrade. They are beautiful decorative trees with character, and they actually get real olives. These trees make any garden beautiful. They vary from small trees up to 'old wood' very big trees with thick twirly trunks that come right out of bedtime stories. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we sell them all. From lots of small young trees, up to large unique individual trees. Teeninga Palmen can offer it all.

Ornamental grasses

We also sell all kinds of hardy ornamental grasses. With these grasses you can fill up empty spots in your garden or plant pots. They become beautiful and deeply coloured, varying from brown to deepblue.

Yucca's and Agaves

These winterhardy plants give a strong exotic impression in any garden, and as such are great for the mediterranean garden. They're very strong and are easy to care for.