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Free Shipping at Teeninga Palmen

For all shipments that don't require Pallet transport, we don't calculate transport costs when the order price is above 100 euro! Under 100 euro we calculate 6,95 for shipping per box..

When the order has to be delivered by Pallet transport, the transport will be free when the order amount is over 300 euro. That's a saving of 29,99 euro!

This is only an option for shipments within The Netherlands.

Special Pallet transport will be done by Ben Becker. An order will only be offered at the door once. If it has to happen a second time, there will be extra costs of 29,99 euro.

Also Good For The Environment

By ordering at Teeninga Palmen you also help improve the environment. This is so because we use hay as filling material for the packaging. This hay is picked up at the local farms. The hay we supply in the packaging, can be used as animal food, winter isolation or ground protection against the winter cold. You can also make compost out of it, because it's biologically degradable

If possible we also make use of boxes that have been used before. These boxes are of good quality, except it might carry logo's or information that is not relevant to the order or This allows a box to get a 2nd chance without having gone through the entire recycling process. Some sizes are hard to come by, but in that case we use recycled boxes.