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Information about plant pruning

Pruning garden and indoor plants has all kinds of advantages for the growth of the plant.
Did you know that e.g. a palm grows faster when the lower leaves are pruned ?
That's why the statement: 'Pruning makes you grow'.



  • Pruning makes you grow
  • Good tools are half the job
  • Pruning takes place during certain periods
  • Pruning can also combat disease
  • Pruning determines the shape of the plant

During which periods it is best to prune

The pruning of your houseplant or garden plant is of course dependent on the type of plant you can find here what the general rules in the field of pruning, if you want to be sure when you can prune your plant then you should take a look at our Plant Encyclopedia so you know exactly when you can start pruning your houseplant or garden plant.

Pruning houseplants

With houseplants it is best to prune in spring, summer and autumn. In the winter months, pruning your houseplant is not recommended, as this may hinder growth, as the plant will be in its resting period.

Pruning garden plants

Garden plants are best pruned at the beginning of spring so that the plant can recover nicely in the summer months. Some garden plants, such as trees, can be pruned almost all year round. However, we do recommend that you give your garden plant a little more rest in the winter months.

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Good tools are half the job!

The proverb says it all: 'Good tools are half the battle'!
This is why it is also very important to have the right tools and not bad or blunt pruning shears, as this could cause a lot of damage to the plant. That is why we also offer the best pruning shears, which are also used by florists, so you can be sure that you will not damage the plant while pruning!

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Pruning Palms, Cyclades or Ferns

Palms are beautiful Mediterranean plants, which, by pruning, literally activate the proverb: 'Pruning makes them grow'. Because, when you prune the palms, they no longer bring unnecessary energy to these leaves, and all their attention is focused on making new leaves.
Make sure that you do not touch the core, because as soon as you cut it, you will damage the beautiful fresh new leaves.
It is best to prune the palms, Cyclades and Ferns in the spring and summer months, but we do advise you not to prune in the winter months as this can cause damage to your plant.

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Advantages of pruning your plant

If you are going to prune your houseplant or garden plant it usually has several advantages. We have listed the reasons and the advantages for you.

The other parts of the plant get more energy

When branch(s) or leaf(s) are pruned they require no more energy, and the energy of light and nutrition can flow to the rest of the plant, allowing the plant to remain healthier and stronger.

The Garden Plant remains compact, or in your desired shape

Sometimes it is desirable to apply a certain shape to a plant, or to prevent the plant from becoming too large. There is then nothing else to prune on the plant.

New shoots can grow significantly better

Most plants, especially palms, produce new shoots all the time. These fresh shoots often become the most beautiful part of the plant when they grow to maturity. Pruning away old parts ensures that these shoots can grow well.

Some plants get branches as a result

Sometimes pruning is applied to let a plant branch out extra. This can increase the ornamental value, or the fruit yield.

The plant grows faster

By pruning off old or diseased parts, a plant that can grow even bigger can often grow faster. This is mainly used by growers etc. who benefit from rapid growth.

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