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The Sabal minor - Dwarf palmetto

The Sabal minor is a beautiful popular fan palm which is counted among the 'bushy', originating in the Southeast of the United States, where it can be quite cold during the winter. This makes the palm quite cold-resistant and it is very suitable for our Dutch climate and can be placed in the garden. But in winter it needs extra protection.

The trunk of the Sabal minor grows underground, and only the top is visible above ground. From this top fan-shaped leaves can grow up to 1.5 metres long.

The Sabal minor prefers a spot where there is little wind and it is also sheltered from rain. The leaves are very sensitive to wind, and can easily tear due to wind.

In high temperatures this palm is a fast grower, but in our Dutch climate this can be a bit disappointing, so it still falls under the slower growers. This is the reason for its higher price.

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