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Trachycarpus fortunei for sale

We have many sizes of Trachycarpus fortunei. We offer you a wide range of varieties of this most popular hardy palm tree. There is a size for everyone!

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

How fast is Trachycarpus fortunei growing?

A large fortunei grows up to 30-40cm a year, which is especially the case in the summer period. In winter, the fortunei go to sleep with cold, then they hardly grow, unless they are kept warm. A smaller fortunei of for example 140cm, whose trunk is about 40-50cm, grows by about 10cm a year, and even smaller fortunei's even less, so it comes down to the size of the fortunei, how quickly it grows.

How high will Trachycarpus fortunei?

A fortunei gets up to 10 meters high, in the tropics, but in the Netherlands they sometimes don't get higher than 2 meters, unless they are imported and have undergone a special trajectory to get used to our climate. Please note that in the young years a fortunei grows very slowly, but only after a few years it starts to get going.

Trachycarpus fortunei, how often water?

In the winter period in the cold, a fortunei can do without water for a week, and it shouldn't even get too much, but the warmer the weather and the more sunlight, the more water it needs. During the hottest days, a fortunei may need to be soaked twice a day.

When a trachycarpus fortunei blooms?

From March to July, the fortunei will start to bloom, and will let yellow bunches come out of its core at the top, which looks unique. Those bunches are full of seeds.

When are the seeds of trachycarpus fortunei ripe?

The seeds can be harvested around the beginning of the flowering period, but they are only ripe for sowing when they are black. This can take several months, usually a whole winter.

Trachycarpus fortunei, when pruning?

The leaves of the fortunei can become dry all year round. As soon as they are too dry to make the palm look nice, they can be cut off at the trunk with a pruning shear. In this way the fortunei form its trunk.

Trachycarpus fortunei, when to sow?

We recommend sowing the fortunei outdoors around spring, but indoors it doesn't matter.

This is the most popular palm tree in the Netherlands, and not without reason! This graceful palm tree grows leaves abundantly, is very sturdy, and can endure temperatures as low as -17C!

We import our own trachycarpus fortunei palm trees, and select them according to different quality standards. For example, all our hardy palms are grown outdoors, which makes them much stronger than the plants at other garden centres, which are actually greenhouse plants.
This also increases their winter hardiness, which is also very important for us because the palm trees are outside!

So you have every reason to decorate your garden with this beautiful product of nature. We deliver them cheaper than the competition and always of top quality.

The fortunei is also known as the Chusan Palm and the Windmill Palmtree.

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