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The Chamaerops humilis - European Dwarf Palm

With us you can buy all kinds of sizes of the Chamaerops humilis. We offer you a wide range of this very popular hardy palm tree, something for everyone.
This beautiful hardy palm grows along the Mediterranean coast.

This is the only indigenous type of palm found in Europe, hence its name "European palm".

This palm is a real asset to your garden, which can withstand drought and is best kept in a pot.

It is actually the easiest palm tree to put in the Dutch garden, because it can withstand neglect.

So... if you want to buy a palm tree and you don't want to look after it much, this is the species you're looking for.

If you want to put this palm in the ground, we advise you to put gravel under the palm so that the water can drain properly.

This palm generally has several trunks. The leaves can grow to a length of 50 cm.

The leaves of this palm are grey, and the stems have spines.

The leaf of Chamaerops Humilis has spines, and it has beautiful green leaves with a compact leaf crown.

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