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The Licuala grandis - Fan palm

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

How fast is the Licuala grandis growing?

The growth rate depends on the age of the plant and the environment (soil, light hours, etc.). The Licuala will never grow very fast, because it will not grow much higher than 2 meters. Count on about 20cm per year during its peak period.

How high does the Licuala grandis become?

The Licuala grandis is not a big grower, it doesn't get higher than 2.

Licuala grandis, how often water?

During the winter period in the cold, a Licuala grandis can do without water for up to a week, and then it shouldn't get too much even. But the warmer the weather and the more sunlight, the more water it needs. During the hottest days, a Licuala grandis can need to be made soaking wet twice a day.

The Licuala grandis, when pruning?

Throughout the year, the leaves of the Licuala grandis can become barren. As soon as they are too barren for the palm to look beautiful, they can be cut off at the trunk with pruning shears. This way, the Licuala grandis forms its trunk.

The Licuala Grandis Fan Palm is a majestic plant because of its huge leaves that feel a bit like cardboard.

It's a tropical fan palm, which is what the Licuala grandis is famous for.

He loves a sunny spot and gives a beautiful radiance! The sad thing is that he can get brown leaf edges, but that in itself gives the feeling of the real tropics.

Really a beautiful tropical palm tree for the collector.

This palm can be used in the office as well as in the living room and can also be placed in a subtropical swimming pool.

The root ball must not dry out at all.