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The Phoenix roebelenii - Dwarf date palm

The phoenix roebellinii is a great room palm that immediately gives you the feeling of the Caribbean coast.
He is also one of the easiest palms!

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The Phoenix roebelenii is a very well known and popular palm to be placed in the living room. This is because it has a beautiful trunk and a not too large leaf crown.

It also does not grow very large and is therefore one of the more suitable indoor palm trees.

In the Netherlands it is also called the Dwarf Date Palm.

Phoenix roebellinii is one of the easiest houseplants that can be placed both in the shade and in the sun.
He may also be placed outside in the spring and summer months.

With its beautiful leaves, the roebellinii is immediately reminiscent of a Caribbean coast, a great species to get the holiday mood going in your home!

Unfortunately, the price has risen explosively because there is an import ban on this plant in Costa Rica where these beautiful palms were originally grown.

However, Teeninga palms is busy bringing the roebelenii back to the Dutch living rooms, because we import from another country where the roebelenii is legal and the phoenix is completely free of a virus!
We do this for both the wholesale and the private market!

These very high quality phoenixes roebellinii are grown outside in the field and when they are ready they are put in a net, after that they are put back on their location to root through their net, after that they are called to a special inspection location so that these roebellinii s receive a Vito statement. Because of this they are repotted and rooted again and then sent to our location, this gives you a super high quality plant that is also more resistant than the ordinary roebellini species that came from Costa Rica.

These plants are also stronger to place outside in the summer and spring months.
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