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The Phoenix canariensis - Canary date palm

With us you can buy all kinds of sizes of Phoenix canariensis, the Canary Date Palm. We offer you a wide range of this very popular semi-winter hardy palm tree.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

How fast does Phoenix canariensis grow?

. The growth rate of a canariensis depends on its habitat and care. In the Netherlands, if properly cared for, it could grow as much as 30cm as a mature palm (a few years old at least). Younger date palms grow slower, from 3 - 20cm per year.

How tall does the Phoenix canariensis grow?

. In the Canary Islands a date palm can grow up to 13 meters high. But in the Netherlands they often stay smaller, only a few meters. But it is quite possible to import a larger one from the tropics.

Phoenix canariensis, how often to water?

. During the winter period in the cold, a date palm can go a week without water, and then it should not get too much even. But the warmer the weather and the more sunlight, the more water it needs. During the hottest days, a date palm can need to be soaked as much as 2x in a day.

When does a Phoenix canariensis flower?

. After a few years, the Phoenix canariensis blooms. This rarely happens to date palms that are indoors, but rather to those that are outdoors and have grown large. The flowering time is around August. It gets pendulous clusters of creamy yellow flowers. Later after flowering it gets edible red-yellow fruit.

Phoenix canariensis, when to prune?

. Throughout the year, the leaves of the canariensis can become barren. Once they are too dry to make the palm look beautiful, they can be cut off at the trunk with pruning shears. In this way, the canariensis forms its trunk.

How hardy is a Canary date palm?

A Canary date palm is hardy to about -6 degrees Celsius. This means that when it starts to freeze severely, the palm should be protected. Above that it can withstand cold just fine.

How do you protect a Canary date palm in winter?

Will it be about -6 degrees wind chill? Then protect your palm tree with a protective fleece. Does it get even colder? Then bring the palm inside!

How to care for a Canary date palm


Pamper the palm by surrounding the root ball with Mediterranean food soil, for good rooting and a proper nutritional base. Water regularly, but when it gets very cold it needs almost no moisture. When the leaves become barren you can cut them off as desired. The palm will survive this. Spoil your Canariensis with extra Palm Focus complex food, it will become extra strong and retain its beautiful green color. The Canariensis likes light, so never put it in a dark place.

How long does it take for the Date Palm to grow big?

In the Netherlands it can take up to 50 years for it to reach its maximum size. In principle a palm always grows, but in our climate this is a bit slower than in a tropical climate.

We think the Phoenix canariensis is something of a tropical superplant. It is simply so beautiful!

For a large indoor space, this plant is exceptionally applicable. But for outdoors it is not the easiest. Really very nice what a Canariensis does in a garden, but it does come with a few requirements: it should not stand colder than -6 degrees. Then it really needs help, from e.g. frost cloth around it and a heat cable inside it. Also, the leaves must be tied together and protected in winter. With a large size, that can be quite a chore. But we do service packages for this if necessary.

If you are prepared to meet these requirements, then the Canariensis really will give you a hearty helping of tropical vacation cheer. The larger the palm, the more impressive the effect. Even a smaller size will quickly grow to a size that gives a really nice atmosphere. So you can achieve a really nice result even on a small budget.

This palm is also often found in tropical resorts. They are often shown off in heights of 7 - 15 meters in the air, in the wonderful summer heat and with the sun or moon shining behind them.... so this is also possible in the Netherlands!

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