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Dypsis lutescens - Areca

This graceful palm looks a little bit like bamboo, as it has all kinds of different stems. We find this a very graceful beautiful palm, and recommend it for the room. Especially as it has a strong air-purifying effect!

The Dypsis lutescens, areca palm is special

This palm has a strong air-purifying property, which makes it especially suitable for a living space or office space (more productivity!). It consists of all separate palm stems that emerge from the root ball. That's why it doesn't immediately look like a typical palm tree, but it certainly is one!

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

Is the Dypsis lutescens, Areca palm poisonous?

No. This is a safe palm to place in any room. Pets or children will not be bothered if they were to eat a leaf from this palm. It also has no spines, so they can't hurt themselves either.

How tall will the Areca palm grow?

In its natural warm sunny environment, this palm can grow 6-12m tall. In an average Dutch household it will probably stop at about 2 - 3 meters.

How fast does the Gold Palm / Dypsis grow?

The Areca is not a very fast grower. At 3-6 inches per year under average conditions, it stops.

Does the Dypsis lutescens also get flowers?

The Areca palm only starts flowering when it reaches a certain age or height. However, this is from a height that does not occur in living rooms, so your areca will not flower. However in nature in warm climates this palm gets large yellow-green flowers.

The Areca (Dypsis lutescens), also known as Gold Palm, is an easy-to-care-for palm tree with a strong air-purifying effect. Very ornamental, making it great for dressing up homes and offices. Would you like a large beautiful palm in the room? Then choose the Areca, as it is also a fast grower.
Place the Areca in a draft-free spot not directly in the sun. Direct sunlight will cause damage to this tree.

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