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Hardy yuccas

Were you always looking for a beautiful yucca in your garden? We have selected for you special hardy yucca's that can stand in your garden. Now make your Mediterranean garden complete with these beautiful desert plants!
Water requirement
Plant height
Palm tree (0)
Tropical plant (0)
Is winter hardy (0)
Handles wind (0)
Stays green (0)
No poison/needles (0)
Survives outdoors during winters (0)
Has trunk (0)
Bonsai (0)
Is a tree (0)
Oxygenating (0)
Succulent (0)
Large leaves (0)
Gets flowers (0)
Gets fruits (0)
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The yuccas are increasingly being kept in the Dutch garden, because there are species of yuccas that are very hardy and can therefore survive the winter perfectly, such as the yucca rostrata or the yucca filafera. These beautiful palm lilies are a feast for the eyes and are reminiscent of the warm Mexico.

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