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Mediterranean trees

Now the Netherlands is getting warmer and warmer, many more exotic trees can be placed in our garden.

You can find here our beautiful assortment of Mediterranean trees, which can be placed both in the house and in the garden. 

We import almost all our Mediterranean plants from a colder region in northern France, which means that they are better able to withstand the frost, simply because they have already had the frost.

This gives you a very high-quality Mediterranean tree that is more likely to survive the winter than, for example, a palm fresh from Spain.

Naturally you can also find our tropical plants here, which make your living room or office space very attractive.

All our tropical plants are acclimatized to the Dutch number of light hours and can therefore easily be placed in our living room.

We also have a wide range of subtropical palms that can be placed in your swimming paradise, for example, up to a height of no less than 12 metres!


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