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Palm trees

We have divided our palms into different categories so that you can find the right palm more easily.

If you want to buy a hardy palm tree for your garden, for example, you can find all our hardy palms under the category hardy palms.

We have selected these palms especially for you to plant in your garden or to keep in a pot and are hardy enough to stand in the garden.

If you prefer to buy a room palm, We have listed all the room palms for you. These palms have been specially selected to place in your house.

If you would like to buy a tropical palm tree for your subtropical greenhouse or office, for example, we have a large selection of tropical palm trees, which we have listed especially for you in the 'Tropical palms' category. These palms are mported from the tropics and are acclimatized to the number of light hours in the Netherlands for at least a number of years. This is done in a gigantic tropical greenhouse.

You can use our tropical palm trees for example for a subtropical swimming pool ice, subtropical greenhouse or in your office. Note: some species need a high humidity to grow, such as the coconut palm, which you can only place in a place where the humidity is at least 70%, and the temperature does not drop below 18 degrees.

If you want to buy a semi-winter-hardy palm tree, we have selected these palms especially for you and they can stand outside in spring and summer, and withstand a few degrees of frost.

If you want to buy a beautiful palm that you can put outside during the summer months, then these palms are really something for you.


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