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Tropical Palms

Tropical palms are unique and a real asset to your (sub)tropical swimming paradise, or your tropical greenhouse. All our tropical palm trees are used to the number of hours of light in the Netherlands and can therefore also be used in a bright office space.

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11 Maten Vanaf 99,95
Caryota Mitis - Pisces tail palm
11 Maten Vanaf 149,99
Licuala grandis - Fan palm
51 Maten Vanaf 485,00
Veitchia merrillii -
16 Maten Vanaf 299,95
Wodyetia bifurcata - Foxtail palm - Foxtail Palm
29 Maten Al vanaf 29,95
Livistona chinensis - Chinese Screen Palm
10 Maten Al vanaf 49,99
Bismarckia nobilis - Blue palm
9 Maten Vanaf 1.185,00
Cocos nucifera - Coconut palm
5 Maten Vanaf 179,99
Copernicia globense - Laundry palm
2 Maten Al vanaf 49,99
Phoenix dactylifera - The real date palm
8 Maten Vanaf 1.087,99
Dark Betel palm tree
2 Maten Vanaf 1.499,95
Triangular palm
9 Maten Vanaf 799,95
Ravenala madagascariensis - Passenger tree - Madagascar palm
1 Size for 149,99
Bamboo palm - Chamaedorea seifrizii
4 Maten Vanaf 99,95
Archontophoenix alexandrae - King palm - King Alexander Palm
1 Size for 785,00
Licuala ramsayi - - Australian Fan Palm
1 Size for 1.499,99
Chrysophila warscewiczi - Primeval palm
2 Maten Vanaf 2.298,97
Carpentaria Acuminata -
1 Size for 6.499,95
Paurotis - Acoelorrhaphe - Bahama palm
1 Size for 1.499,95
Syagrus Schizophylla - Arikury palm
3 Maten Vanaf 2.999,95
2 Maten Vanaf 1.335,00
Coccothrinax alta - - Fan palm
1 Size for 4.535,00
Dypsis lanceolata -
1 Size for 8.999,95
Cycas rumphii - Peace Palm
1 Size for 5.599,99
Syagrus romansoffiana - - Santa Catarina
3 Maten Vanaf 1.185,00
Arenga engleri - Dwarf sugar palm
5 Maten Vanaf 1.391,98
Ptychosperma macarthurii - - Macarthur Palm
2 Maten Vanaf 1.985,00
Dictyosperma aureum -
3 Maten Al vanaf 9,95
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Bottle palm
2 Maten Vanaf 1.499,99
Ravenea rivularis - - Majesty Palm
12 Maten Vanaf 181,98
Areca catechu - Betelpalm
1 Size for 1.140,00
Licuala spinosa - - Mangrove Fan Palm
Temporarily Unavailable
Pritchardia pacifica - - Fiji
Temporarily Unavailable
Schizolobium - Tower tree
Temporarily Unavailable
Thrinax radiata - - Thatch Palm

Tropical palms are unfortunately very rare in Europe and therefore the price is higher, but that makes them so unique!

Our suppliers bring these beautiful tropical palm trees from all corners of the world to the Netherlands, directly from the country of origin.

After that they will be accustomed to the number of light hours in the Netherlands for at least 3+ years, which means that they will keep up fine in the Netherlands.

In this period the tropical palms are in a gigantic heated subtropical greenhouse of no less than 400,000 square meters. They are therefore tested to high quality standards, so that we can choose the very best we can deliver to our customers, so you can be sure that the tropical palm can survive well at its destination, and you are 100% sure of receiving a high quality plant! These palms are due to the high transport costs, all the required work and high quality requirements somewhat more expensive than the average palm tree. When purchasing a (large) tropical palm tree you will always be called or emailed about the delivery and placement.

One of our palm specialists will in most cases come along with you with the delivery of these great palm trees and give you advice about the care. This only applies to the more expensive varieties.