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The olive tree is a very unique tree that we have recently come across more and more often in the Dutch garden. 

The olive trees we sell are specially selected for you and selected for their winter hardness. You will get a very strong and healthy olive tree at the right price!

We work directly with the olive tree growers, which means that the olive tree has not been at a wholesaler for months, where it has not had the right care.

It is transferred from expert to expert, so that you receive a very high-quality olive tree.

All our olive trees are hardy. The thicker and older the plant is, the stronger it is, but we always recommend protecting smaller species at temperatures below -10 degrees, because the younger plants are less strong.

Aware that the olive tree is a very strong tree?

This can be seen in Greece, for example, where forest fires sometimes occur, including the burning of olive trees hundreds of years old. Fortunately, the trunk can't burn. This has a miraculous result after a year: the olive trees return in almost all cases!

You don't have an olive tree for a moment but for the rest of your life. That's why we at Teeninga recommend palms to choose the right olive tree. They are getting older than we are and it's of course fun to have a beautiful old olive tree in the garden!

You can therefore easily and quickly buy the right olive tree at



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