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Not just a garden center

Besides selling plants and flowers, we also do projects. Teeninga Palmen can be used to realize projects from small to large. For example, we design gardens for families, but we also busy ourselves with larger projects, such as redesigning Mediterranean styles of zoos, etc.

Why choose Teeninga Palmen
Passion for design and realization

Teeninga Palmen started from a passion for tropical plants and trees, and carries the same passion for realizing designs of gardens and mediterranean environments.

With this passion we can guarantee that you will receive good value for the money. We deliver designs that bring to life the most beautiful gardens and environments, and bring those to execution with the greatest care and ability. You can depend on Teeninga Palmen doing her very best from her passion, and that the project will succeed for sure!


Teeninga Palmen makes sure the quality of her project executions is the highest by making use of the very best tropical plants, trees and flowers. We select our products by hand at the nurseries, and can guarantee that you will be supplied with healthy strong plants that will live long and look beautiful. For example, our winter hardy palm trees are grown to be extra strong by letting them harden in North-France. We select the palm trees we will use from fields of thousands, to make sure the very best are selected and used for the projects.


Because of our well-connectedness with nurseries, from their large offering, we hand pick the very best of plants. By this method we can obtain plants of the highest class for a low price. This causes us to be very affordable with our products, and highly competitive with our competitors. Our offer prices are very sharp, and in 90% of cases the cheapest in The Netherlands.


Do you have a project with a narrow deadline? Teening Palmen is flexible and can be utilized to finish a job. Being well connected, we can quickly arrange the plants, transport and manpower to quickly execute a project realization, up to our high standards. We can be utilized for all project sizes, from placing a single palm tree in a back yard, to fully supplying a Mediterranean environment to your zoo or swimming paradise. Contact us with your project demands and deadlines, and we will quickly supply you with an offer.

Teeninga Palmen