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Tropical garden plants

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In the Dutch garden is more and more possible in the field of tropical garden plants. For example, you can choose to place Mediterranean hardy garden plants on your terrace. So you ensure that you are always on holiday in your own garden, with beautiful palm trees or olive trees, but how about a beautiful hardy banana plant (the Musa basjoo), which can even bloom in our climate?


Do you want to fill your garden with hardy tropical garden plants?

Then you are at the right place at Teeninga Palmen. With us you will find a beautiful large assortment of exotic outdoor plants and trees, from perennial tropical to Mediterranean hardy garden plants. Teeninga Palmen has it all. We try to offer you the most beautiful tropical garden plants for a low price. Some of these tropical exotic plants are available in several sizes, a popular and beautiful exotic plant is the banana plant, for example.


Where to pay attention to when ordering tropical garden plants?

The first question is: 'How much time do you want to spend on your tropical garden?

This is a very important question, because plants that have a mild winter hardness need to be very well protected in the winter months. The beautiful agaves, for example, need to be well protected against frost of -5 degrees Celsius by means of leaves, heat cables or special protection covers. So if you want a hardy Mediterranean plant that requires little maintenance, look for a plant that can tolerate frost of -10 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, the plants need good rich nutrient medium, such as our own Teeninga Palms nutrient medium.

Liquid food is also never wrong for a tropical garden plant. This is only necessary in the spring and summer months (growing season).


You can order the most beautiful tropical garden plants from


We carefully select all our hardy tropical plants on our tropical or Mediterranean nurseries spread throughout the Netherlands, and therefore ensure that you get a very high quality tropical garden plant in your home.

If you are specifically looking for an exotic plant that is not on our website, please feel free to contact us, as there is a very good chance that we can supply the desired exotic plant for you. All our exotic plants are in any case available from stock.


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