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Bamboo is a great plant that creates a tropical atmosphere in your European garden.

They are generally very hardy and available in different colours.

We have created several categories for you so you can find exactly the bamboo you are looking for.


For a fast grower, you should look at the proliferating bamboo species.

These varieties are fast growing and can be planted in your garden or in a pot.

A bamboo delimiter is necessary when planting out the invasive bamboo species (in the garden).


Not overgrowing bamboo species.

We have selected these varieties especially for you and they can be planted out in the garden without using a root limiter.

They will not just take over your garden and stay close to each other.


Bamboo for a bamboo hedge

We have specially selected for you all the bamboo species that you can use to make a bamboo hedge.

A bamboo hedge creates a tropical fence and almost makes you forget that you are in your backyard.


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