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The Ravenea rivularis - - Majesty Palm

This great tropical palm tree comes from Madagascar where it grows along riverbanks. That's where it originated.

This tropical palm tree has been brought to the Netherlands and is accustomed to the number of hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. It does have a few requirements that need to be taken into account.

His minimum temperature is 17 degrees, he's not allowed to go below that.

Also, the minimum humidity must not be lower than 60%.

The Ravenea, also called Majesty Palm, is part of the Arecaceae family.

It will develop an inflorescence in summer, followed by orange to red fruit.

This palm of the hand is not tolerant to frost and should grow in sunny areas. It needs a lot of water. The root ball should not dry out.

He can stand in a tropical greenhouse or a tropical location in the house.

This palm is mainly for real collectors.