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The Butia capitata - Geleipalm

The Butia Capitata Geleipalm is a beautiful hardy feather palm.

It originates from the low-lying savannas and perishable forests of Brazil and Uruguay with poor soil, sandy and dry.

He gets a nice thick trunk with a diameter of no less than 50 to 60 cm!

It is an elegant appearance with its beautiful grey/green feather leaves.

The leaves and stems are quite long and can grow up to 3 meters long.

It can be kept as a tub plant on the terrace, but it can also be planted outdoors, because it is hardy to -11 degrees !

In open ground in winter, this palm should be well protected if there is more than moderate frost.

It is important, however, that the soil is not too wet in winter and the palm can reach a height of more than 6 metres.

Butia Capitata is native to Brazil along the border with Uruguay, where it grows in very large numbers.

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