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Teeninga palms Mediterranean Food tablets

This special food is widely used in Spanish nurseries and can be used on palms as well as olive trees to all Mediterranean plants!
Why is this the best food for Mediterranean plants? 1. It ensures better root growth. 2. The leaves will not turn yellow and their dark green keep or get color. 3. It will ensure that the immune system of the plant This allows the plant itself to fight disease and he'll get through the winter better too! 4. It promotes the growth of your plant. 5. It is used in many nurseries in Spain, which is late see that it's a very good product.
These tablets will revive the soil structure.
This means that the plant will look healthier and its root system will develop better.

What does this food do for my Mediterranean trees and plants?

This nutrition ensures that your palm gets and/or keeps a nice dark green leaf colour, but also that its root system gets better and stronger.

These nutrients are actually what nature uses. They are bacteria that revive the soil structure, which means that they ensure that the plant or tree will meet literally every nutritional need.

You only need to add these tablets to the palm or tropical plant once or twice a year.

Press tablets 2-5 cm into the soil at the roots, then water them regularly.

Pot sizes up to 5 litres: 10 grams tablets

Diameter in cm.Volume in litresNumber of tablets
90.51 (10 grams)
1311 (10 grams)
151.51 (10 grams)
1721 (10 grams)
1932 (10 grams)
2142 (10 grams)
2353 (10 grams)
Pot sizes from 5 litres: 21 grams tablets

Pot capacity (litres) Tablets
up to 5 ltr.1x 21 grams tablet
10 ltr.2x 21 gram tablet
20 ltr.3x 21 gram tablet
30 ltr.3x 21 gram tablet
50 ltr.4x 21 gram tablet
60 ltr.5x 21 gram tablet
70 ltr.6x 21 gram tablet
80 ltr.7x 21 gram tablet
90 ltr.8x 21 gram tablet
100 ltr.9x 21 grams tablet
Pot size (diameter) Tablets
20 cm2x 21 grams tablet
30 cm4x 21 grams tablet
40 cm5x 21 gram tablet
50 cm8x 21 grams tablet
60 cm12x 21 gram tablet
70 cm18x 21 gram tablet
80 cm20x 21 gram tablet
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