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A brief introduction to the history of hydrotherapy

The word hydro-massage consists of two parts, hydro (Greek for water) and massage. Hydro-massages thus consist of two elements which are good for the body and the general well-being.

The therapeutic use of water has a long history. Various forms of hydrotherapy have been found in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. The Egyptian nobility bathed in water with essentiële oliën and flowers, while the Romans had public baths for the people. Other cultures with a long history of hydrotherapy are the Chinese and the Japanese, where the Japanese focused on the hot springs.

What is hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is the use of water (hot, cold, steam or ice) to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. Hydro-massage uses water and/or air pressure on the skin. The water and air pressure provide a direct massage which stimulates the flow of blood throughout the body. The positive effects of the hydro-massages are created by the physical massage through the airjets, in combination with the warm water and/or the specially used salt.

Benefits and effects

Hydro-massage is a form of massage based on water pressure. The essence of hydro-massage is to apply massage techniques to the body via water. Hydro-massage helps to relax the muscles, promote circulation and relieve muscle tension. Hydrotherapy is also excellent to use in cases of stress.

Side effects

Hydro-massage is not recommended for the elderly, children and pregnant women. Also if you suffer from certain lung diseases, high blood pressure or skin diseases it is advised to watch out. In case of doubt you can contact your general practitioner. 


AIRJETSDrift away on a cloud of bubbles with an AirJet massage! Soothe your skin and relax your mind with én press the button. Simply press the Lay-Z-Massage button on the control panel and the AirJets will surround you with vibrant pleasure. 
HydroJetThis is the ultimate spa relaxation at your fingertips. With eight fully adjustable HydroJets, this is exactly what you need. With a simple twist of the HydroJet ring, you control the flow and by tilting the nozzle in the jet, it can be directed in all directions. Spread this luxury evenly among your companions or point all eight HydroJets at yourself for a deep, soothing, magical massage.
HydroJet ProAirJets PLUS HydroJets! You get the best of both worlds with the HydroJet Pro. Eight directional and flow adjustable HydroJets combined with AirJets offer the ultimate spa relaxation. Select only the AirJets, only the HydroJets or both at the same time - the choice is yours with the HydroJet Pro!
Solid I-beam constructionSolid construction consisting of both horizontal and vertical I-beams, this design offers superior stability while maintaining a comfortable surface for a luxurious and refreshing spa experience. This construction ensures that the spas retain their shape no matter how often they are inflated or deflated. 
TriTech 3-PLYTriTech material consists of 3 layers: Two layers of laminated PVC with a polyester core in between, providing superior strength and durability. 


water softener

Minimize the adverse effects of hard water, such as stains in your spa or skin irritation, with our built-in Clear Soft water softener. Simply activate the Clear Soft system via your spa's control panel and the powerful electromagnetic coils will keep the water in good condition. With no additional loose parts, it's not only low maintenance: it's almost no maintenance!
Electrostatic water treatment
A safe, trouble-free way to chlorinate your spa. The built-in electrostatic Bestway Clear Soft system converts salt and pool water into chlorinated water. Why mess with complicated pool chemicals when the Clear Soft system can do the job for you? The system requires relatively little maintenance and is standard in all Bestway HydroJet spas.

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