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Photo's from satisfied customers
We sell a lot of palm trees and exotic plants, and often also receive pictures of customers who are satisfied and have made something beautiful with our plants. We are happy to exhibit these pictures to you.
Tropical Showroom of Teeninga Palmen
The Tropical Garden Centre of Teeninga Palms is a real experience, from trees up to 7 to 10 meters high it seems as if you are on holiday! We also have a beautiful large white beach overlooking a beautiful bay! Here you can complete your Mediterranean garden, from palm trees to olive trees up to 1000 years it is unique just to have a look. of course we have almost our entire range!
Spanish Nursery
To give you an idea of our delivery capacity.
Tropical greenhouse
Also the pictures of the tropical greenhouses from which we deliver! Here are the tropical plants that first need to be accustomed to the number of hours of light in the Netherlands. In the near future we would like to build a tropical greenhouse, of course near Drachten. So that we have all our plants in one place!