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The Citronella - Citrus tree - Orange tree

The Citrus tree (also called Citronella or Orange Tree) is a great asset to grow your own fruits. Of course, it is also reminiscent of the tropics, which is why they are very much appreciated worldwide, but it is mainly the fruits that matter.

It is a plant that loves a lot of sunlight, and is best placed in full sun.

Unfortunately, the Citrus tree is not really hardy, so we advise you to bring it in during the cold winter months.

This tree originates in Mediterranean Spain and Portugal

The minimum temperature of the citrus trees is -5 degrees.

The citrus tree is also non-toxic (both the tree and the fruits), so they can safely stand in the house with e.g. cats.

The soil of the Citrus tree should be slightly moist at all times. Especially in the summer period the root ball should not dry out, so it is good to water the plant 2 to 3 times a week, as long as it is in full sun.

The roots of the Citrus tree don't like chattering wet feet, so make sure they don't get in a layer of water. If they don't, root rot can occur.

So, if you'd like to buy an orange tree, this one is highly recommended.
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