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Repot plants

In this chapter we explain when and how you can best repot your houseplant or garden plant and what the advantages are.



  • Pocketing stimulates growth
  • Improves the leaves

Determine the best time to repot your plant

It is best to put your plant in a larger pot immediately after purchase. This is best done because most plants are actually in a pot that is too small, as this reduces transport costs and increases growth, e.g. with palms. If you have owned the plant for some time, it is best to repot it when the pot has become too small. You can see this by removing the plant from its original pot and checking whether the roots are 'rooted', in other words, that they have taken up the entire pot space.


The best time to repot your houseplant is in spring, because in this period the plant has more energy due to the number of hours of sunshine. The plant will then quickly start making new roots again. If you want to repot your houseplant in the winter, you can do so too, but be very careful not to damage the roots.

Garden plants

The best time to repot your garden plant is also in spring, around April. It is of course also possible to put the plant in the garden later in the year, making sure that it gets a little more water during hot summer days so that it cannot dry out.

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The advantages of repotting

The advantages of repotting are mainly that it stimulates growth, gives the plant a larger water buffer and thus less quickly dries out. It also gives the plant new nutrients and makes it look better. The most important thing is that it prevents the plant from suffocating, because the roots can no longer move.

It also looks much nicer to put your newly acquired palm in a beautiful pot, because growing pots are purely functional and therefore not nicely made...

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A pot fits every plant

The right ornamental pot makes the plant stand out and completes the picture. A pot can be chosen based on the interior, but of course also based on a colour. The right pot is just as important as the right plant. A car with ugly wheels doesn't look good of course, because the picture isn't complete. The plant isn't complete without the right ornamental pot either.

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Plants stay beautiful longer by repotting them

Houseplants stay beautiful longer when you repot them. This is mainly because they get a larger water buffer, which means that if the plant gets too little water, it can use the remaining water from the soil, so you don't have to water the plant as often.

Prevent root rot

By repotting your houseplant more often, you prevent root rot. Plants do not like to sit with wet feet because a longer period of wet feet can cause root rot. This problem is immediately remedied when you put the plant in a larger pot, because of the larger water buffer. However, this still means that there should not be a puddle of water in the pot.

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More nutrients for the plant

By repotting your garden plant, you immediately give it new nutrition by adding new soil. This will result in better leaf growth. We recommend Mediterranean soil for palms, olive trees, fig trees and other Mediterranean plants. For example, for indoor plants we recommend using high quality indoor plant nutrition, such as that of Florentus. This will do your plant a lot of good and it will reward you for it.

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Root asphyxiation

Because most plants from the nursery are in too small a pot, it is important that you prevent root suffocation by repotting the plant, using new potting soil. This is because the new potting soil is much more airy than the older soil.

Pots will promote the health of your plant.

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