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Apply hydroponics to your plants

Hydroponics is a system that makes watering easier. It means that a water meter is placed in the plant combined with moisture retaining soil filling, such as Vulcastrat. The meter indicates when the plant needs water again. When you water, it indicates when you have given enough, so this system is ideal to make watering easy, so take a look at our range of water meters!



  • Hydroponic care
  • Vulcaponic
  • Suitable plants
  • The water meter
  • What you need for hydroponics
  • advantage of hydroponics

The advantage of hydroponics

The advantage of hydroponics is that you don't have to water the plant as often, which gives the plant a longer life span.
In short, by applying hydroponics, you can more easily add the right amount of water and nutrition to your plant.

What you need for hydroponics

To start hydroponics, you need a few things, like.

1. Water meter
Hydro grains
3. Inset cover
Hydroponic plant
5. Hydroponic nutrition
6. Planter box

The water meter

Use a water meter to check how much water there is in the pot. If there is no water at the bottom of the pot, the top of the red dipstick is set to . The more water in the outer pot, the higher the red dipstick. The maximum allowable level is indicated by a dash. The dash indicates the optimum water level. When watering, add water up to this level. For example, if you are on holiday for 2 weeks, you can sometimes top up water until the red dipstick reaches the level. Important: Before adding water, lower the water level to below . If necessary, tilt the side of the pot to see if the water meter is still rising.


Vulcaponic is one of the so many substrates, but Vulcaponic is a substrate that we highly recommend. Vulcaponic is also and very professional substrate. it is a kind of grit that has a similar effect to cat litter, it absorbs water that, compared to normal potting soil, sucks up more water up to 30 cm. deep this ensures that the water does not stay with the roots. and therefore greatly reduces the risk of root rot. it also helps the carrots to get more oxygen so that the plant can grow better. and in general and can have better results.

Hydroponic care

Hydroponic plants also need to be potted from time to time. Only do this if there are a lot of roots growing in the inner pot. You do not need to remove the inner pot, but simply put the old inner pot in the new larger inner pot. This way roots can continue to grow and hydroponics can finish the job. Read the maintenance tips carefully when buying plants. Follow the manual carefully.

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Which Plants Are Suitable

Not all plants are suitable for hydroponics. Hydroponic plants are standing with their roots in the water, for this they are specially grown. Therefore not all plants are suitable for hydroponics. But if you still want to use hydroponics for your plant, we advise you to Vulcaponic this is and new development of hydroponics.

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