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Buy Yucca Filamentosa 'color Guard' - Palm Lily 20-60cm

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From our large collection of pots, we have made a special selection fitting for your plant

From our large collection of pots, we have made a special selection fitting for your plant
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The Yucca filamentosa Color Guard is a beautiful palm lily that is completely hardy and has beautiful yellow-green leaves. It will certainly stand out in your Mediterranean garden.

He also gets beautiful white flowers that are somewhat cream-coloured.

Min. height (incl. pot):
Max. height (incl. pot):
20 cm
60 cm
Clod/pot diameter:
Clod/pot height:
Estimated weight:
17 cm
21 cm
2,5 kg
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Extra product information

Plants Encyclopedia

All interesting and necessary information about the Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard' is found in our encyclopedia


This plant needs to be watered regularly. He doesn't like drought and wet.


This plant needs to be placed in a place where the sun shines a lot. The more sun, the faster its growth, but also the more moisture it needs.


Nutrition is very important for plants. We recommend to provide this plant with a good nutrient base by using high quality Mediterranean soil. We also recommend to add extra nutrients through watering, by mixing a capful of Florentus on 5 litres of water. This will provide the plant with all the necessary nutrients. The plant will therefore keep its dark green leaf colour.


Pruning a yucca is simple. When a leaf starts to get dry, the fairly thick branch near the trunk should be cut with e.g. pruning shears.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

How fast does the Yucca filamentosa grow?

The Yucca filamentosa is a slow grower, which is why even the smaller sizes are quite expensive. If you are looking for a plant that does not grow too big, the Yucca filamentosa is a good choice.

How do I plant a Yucca filamentosa?

Planting a Yucca is not much different than planting another plant. Try to keep the root ball as damage free as possible. Make sure the root ball is surrounded by a good nutrient soil. We recommend Florentus Mediterranean nutrient soil. Make a hole in the soil or potting soil, deep enough for the root ball. Press the soil well around the root ball and replenish until there is no more ditch around the root ball.

How do I grow a Filamentosa from seed?

A Yucca is best sown in a heated environment. This increases the chances of success. Fill a container with sowing and cutting soil, cactus soil is also possible, and place the seeds on the ground. You can throw some grid or sand over it until the seeds have just been covered. Watering should be done very carefully, because the seeds may be washed away. It is best to spray them until they are slightly damp. Put them away warm between 20-25C. Germination can take months!

How often and how much water should a Yucca have?

In principle, a Yucca does not need to have water very often, because it is a slow grower and simply does not consume much. Check the soil every few days that it is not too dry, and make sure that it is wetted until it feels moderately moist. In the summer months it may be soaking wet, but it does not have to.

How to cut the Yucca filamentosa

The Yucca has very long thin leaves, and they can get arid. That's normal. You can just cut off the arid leaves as far as the green part. If you do this crooked, the leaf seems less cut. The Yucca has no problem with this.

How do I take care of a Yucca filamentosa?

A Yucca is an easy plant, but it does like some Mediterranean supplementary feeding (Palm Focus e.g.) Watering is explained above. Make sure the Yucca gets enough light and don't move it too often, because every move the Yucca has to get used to the new spot. Yuccas like a lot of light, so place it in a sunny spot. In winter it may need protection, at extreme temperatures. Then put fleece around the crown of the leaves and pack the pot with bubble wrap.


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Plant pots that are up to 4cm wider than the clod
Plant pots that are between 4 - 8cm wider than the clod
Plant pots that are between 8 - 20cm wider than the clod

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