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Buying ferns

Fernenish are beautiful plants that immediately give you the feeling of the jungle. You can use ferns as a soil cover for a plant, because ferns do not need much light to grow. Ferns give the feeling of the trop
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We have here for example beautiful tree ferns stand these provide a unique feeling and remind you of a tropical rainforest.

We also have ferns here that are evergreen and therefore also stay nice green in the winter.

and of course we also have ferns that you can plant in bunches at the bottom of, for example, a pot as ground cover for the category ferns.



If you want to buy ferns,

This is a piece of cake, via the reliable webshop of



As soon as you buy a ferns from us, you can be sure that you are buying a high quality ferns.

Our reliable suppliers deliver your ferns to all corners of Europe, they are delivered to your home quickly and inexpensively, because you buy at


the most beautiful and Cheapest ferns .

You actually get the complete online tropical garden centre into your home by

shopping on Teeninga .

As soon as you have decided to buy the ferns, we recommend you to take a look at our large assortment of decorative pots, and all our other accessories such as :

. Thanks to our secure payment methods, you can be sure that your purchase will be received in good order.


You therefore order the most beautiful ferns

from us.


Nearly all our tropical plants and trees such as ferns are delivered from our own stock in the .E.U.

  • We have a very large online assortment of Tropical plants&trees even from 10 meters high.

  • We have the best price quality ratio

  • Very fast delivery usually before 12 o'clock orders the same day shipped (on working days)

  • Many different sizes of palm trees and houseplants, you can easily choose the height of the ferns.

  • In addition to our ferns and other plants, you can also contact us for all the necessary accessories.

  • such as: flower boxes, potting soil, fertilizers, winter protection, liquid food, palm focus for Mediterranean plants and trees


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