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The Strelitzia nicolai - Bird of Paradise Flower

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

What does Strelitzia mean?

The Strelitzia is also called the flower of paradise, but is actually called the bird of paradise flower, because its head resembles a bird of paradise. In some countries this plant is also called the bird's head flower, and in South Africa they call it Crane Flower.

Are Strelitzia's poisonous to cats or dogs?

Strelitzia's are non-toxic and can therefore be placed in places where dogs and cats often come.

Are the roots of the Strelitzia jumpy/growing?

Roots of the Strelitzia are rather intrusive and are best kept away from buildings, or plants with weaker root systems. Otherwise the Strelitzia can cause damage. Root limiter or a pot can help.

Is the Strelitzia hardy? Can it withstand the frost?

The Strelitzia can't get over freezing. A Strelitzia has to be brought in close to freezing point.

Can the Strelitzia grow in a pot?

The Strelitzia can easily be kept in a pot. It may not grow as big or as fast as in open ground, but with good care it will become a beautiful plant, because we sell the most beautiful specimens in pots!

Can the Strelitzia grow in?

The Strelitzia has no problem growing indoors, but does like lots of light, so put it in a place with plenty of sunlight. And always make sure the root ball is moist.

What's the difference between the 'nicolai' and the 'reginae'?

The difference can mainly be seen in the leaves. The nicolai gets wider, more supple leaves of a lighter color. The reginae gets narrower, stiffer leaves that are more upright.

Can a Strelitzia be stung?

Yes, Strelitzia's can be stabbed. You do that with clean tools. You stab this plant by cutting off shoots from the root system. The wound that develops should be helped with cutting powder.

Can you split a Strelitzia?

Yeah, split up is how the Strelitzia gets stabbed.

Can you grow a Strelitzia from seed?

Yes you can make a Strelitzia grow from seed, but that requires a lot of patience, because the germination of the Strelitzia takes a very long time.

Does a Strelitzia have to be pruned?

When the Strelitzia gets brown tips, or dry leaves, you can cut them off. We recommend cutting at least 2cm from the core, because if there is an infection, the plant will give up 2cm. If you cut near the stem, the infection will retract the plant deeper with possible damage as a result.

How should a Strelitzia be taken care of?

A Strelitzia loves a good nutrient soil, so we recommend Florentus Mediterranean soil, which allows it to root well and is provided with the right nutrient base. We also recommend regular watering with Ultra Focus, special nutrition for Mediterranean plants, which helps to make them strong, keep them and retain their beautiful colours. Always keep the root ball well moist, but never soaking it wet. At lower temperatures, the plant needs less moisture. Always cut dry leaves as described above.

How do you get a Strelitzia to bloom?

Under good conditions, the Strelitzia will have flowers. To make this optimal, we recommend the following: Give the Strelitzia a spot with as much sunlight as possible. Ensure good nutrition during the growing season. And make sure the roots are bounded, then they tend to flower more.

What kind of soil do Strelitzia's need?

The Strelitzia can already grow and flower with medium quality potting soil, but you can enhance health and colour by using high quality Mediterranean soils and supplementary nutrients (Ultra Focus).

Does a Strelitzia also need extra food?

In principle, a Strelitzia can grow and flower well without extra nutrition, but it does help to apply nutrition. However, we do not recommend drugs such as Pokon, because they give a boost in the beginning, but do damage over the long term. High quality complex nutrition such as Ultra Focus for Mediterranean plants, on the other hand, works very well over the long term.

Where should a Strelitzia be planted?

The Strelitzia likes a warm light spot with little wind. Also keep in mind that a Strelitzia should not be in the freezing cold.

What's the best place to buy a Strelitzia?

We have a very simple answer to this question. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in hardy Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

What is the growth area of the Strelitzia?

The Strelitzia grows mainly in the Eastern coastal areas of South Africa, where they grow wild in strelitzias forests of kilometres wide and long.

The Strelitzia is a beautiful tropical plant that gets super beautiful flowers that resemble the bird of paradise. That's why it is also called the bird of paradise flower. Its leaves are very similar to those of a banana plant, only they are a bit stiffer.

This exclusive houseplant comes from South Africa. It loves a sunny spot, and absolutely mustn't dry out, but it shouldn't be soaking wet either.

It can also be placed in the garden in the spring and summer months and can remain outside up to +6 degrees Celsius.

This plant is also called Bird of Paradise, Bird of Paradise Flower, Bird of Paradise Plant, Birdhead Flower or Strelitzia.

After flowering it can take 12 months before it will have new flowers. The minimum temperatures are 14 degrees during the day and 6 degrees at night.
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