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The Passiflora eduli - Passion flower - Passion fruit

Different sizes
Passion flowers are indispensable in a Mediterranean garden. Their beautiful flowers create a beautiful atmosphere.
Some species also get delicious fruits!

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

When does the passion flower bloom and how many flowers does it get?

A passion flower gets very beautiful flowers in summer from June to about November. They are buds with a diameter of about 5cm, which are very special. It gets several of them, and keeps making new ones until the end of October/November.

How much passion fruit does the Passion Flower get?

The passion flower gets fewer fruits than flower buds, but if conditions are good it will get a few fruits, or more, depending on the size of the plant.

Is the Passion Flower hardy?

Yes, the passion flower can withstand the winter well. If it really gets extremely cold, protect the plant well with fleece, or by placing it inside.

Did the Passion Flower stay green in the winter?

Yes, the passion flower can tolerate quite a bit of frost. It may appear dead in extreme cold, but it will reappear the next year. This is a strong plant.

How do I take care of a passion flower?

A passion flower doesn't need much care. Give it good soil and it will do well. Make sure the plant never dries out. So water it regularly!

How often should the passion flower have water?

Check regularly whether the root ball is dry or moist enough. The root ball should always be moist, but not soaking wet.

Do I have to prune the passion flower too?

We recommend that if you want to prune the passion flower, to do so in March/April. But it is not necessarily necessary.

How did the passion flower get its name?

A Catholic missionary thought that the flower had the characteristics of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Hence 'Passion'. Namely, the three stamps on the styles would symbolize the three nails with which Jesus was crucified, and the five stamens for the five wounds. And the blue circle would then symbolize the crown of thorns.

The passion flower is a great tropical plant that excels with its beautiful flowers.
Have you always wanted to grow passion fruit yourself? This is possible with these amazing passion fruit plants. These fruits are about 5 cm long and up to 4 cm wide. With its amazing purple/blue colour, the Passiflora Edulis can proudly call itself an exotic plant, and gives a tropical effect in your garden or living room. Yes, it can also just stay in the house.

Passion fruit plants can hibernate well in colder surroundings, such as on your windowsill or in a cold greenhouse. If the plant has grown too big, you can cut it. Leave a minimum of 30 cm, then it will grow out nicely in spring.

These plants are also grown organically.
Please note that they are bald in winter but will quickly sprout in spring.
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