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The Nerium oleander - - Different Colors

Different sizes

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

Is the Nerium oleander hardy?

The Oleander likes to stay warm, and can't tolerate below 6 degrees Celsius, then it becomes harmful to the plant, so make sure the plant is in a warm place outside the summer, and not in the garden.

How to care for a Nerium oleander?

You can find everything about the care of the Oleander in our expanded encyclopaedia article.

When the Oleander water?

The Nerium oleander needs water on a regular basis. During the hot days of summer it needs water every day. If it is a bit colder, it can be once every 2-4 days, this depends on the temperature and the pot and the size of the plant. You can feel this from the soil. If the soil is fairly moist, the oleander still has enough water.

What kind of soil does the Nerium oleander want?

A Nerium oleander loves good nutrient soil. For example, you can spoil the root ball with a bag of Florentus Mediterranean Nutrition Soil, specially developed for Mediterranean plants such as the oleander. This allows it to root extra well and provides it with the right nutrient base.

When putting the Nerium oleander in?

We recommend that you always keep the oleander indoors, only on days with heat above 10 degrees Celsius.

Why does an oleander get dry leaves?

It may be that the oleander gets too little water during the growing season, but it is also a natural thing that leaves become barren. Some leaves have simply reached their age and then die off. The leaves can be removed by hand. If necessary, bald twigs can be removed with scissors.

Are Nerium oleanders poisonous to cats / dogs ?

The oleander is a poisonous plant, so in an environment with a lot of cats or dogs, it might be better to choose another plant.

Where to buy a Nerium oleander?

We have a very simple answer to this question. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in the field of Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

Oleanders are unique tropical plants that bring the tropics to your home or garden with their beautiful flowers!

They are available in different colours, including pink, red and white. Single with beautiful double flowers and with double flowers.

The Oleanders originally come from the Mediterranean to Japan.

They are moderately to not winter hardy, so they have to be brought inside during the cold period, even though they are told in other places that they are winter hardy!

Oleanders prefer a spot in the full sun but can also easily stand in half a shade.
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