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The Musa 'Da Jiao' - Baked banana

The Musa Da jiao is a great variety of bananas that should certainly not be missed by the collector. The best thing is that it will also get real bananas! This is why it is also called a plantain plant, because these bananas are excellent for baking or frying.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

Is the Musa 'Da Jiao' hardy?

The plantain plant can withstand cold up to a wind chill (i.e. depending on how much wind there is) of -5 degrees. Underneath that it needs to be protected, or placed inside.

How to take care of a Musa "Da Jiao"?

You can find everything about the care of the Musa 'Da Jiao' in our expanded encyclopaedia article.

How to protect a Musa 'Da Jiao' from frost / Winter

When the cold gets below -5 degrees Celsius, protection is necessary for the survival of a Musa 'Da Jiao'. This is done by wrapping fleece (a well breathing thin cloth) around the canopy of leaves so that the wind is blocked. We do not recommend placing the Da Jiao in the field, but always in a pot so that the plant can enter at extreme temperatures.

When the Musa waters 'Da Jiao'?

When the Musa 'Da Jiao' is outside it needs little water during the cold days, but during the hot days of summer it needs water every day, sometimes twice on the hottest days. In between, it can be once every 2-4 days, depending on the temperature. You can feel this from the soil. If the soil is fairly moist, the banana plant still has enough water.

What kind of land does the Musa 'Da Jiao' want?

A Musa 'Da Jiao' loves good nutrient soil. For example, you can spoil the root ball with a bag of Florentus Mediterranean nutrient soil, specially developed for Mediterranean plants such as the Musa 'Da Jiao'.

How to prune / cut a Musa 'Da Jiao'?

For a Musa 'Da Jiao' it is a natural thing that leaves become dry and die off. You can simply cut them off close to the trunk. The banana plant does not suffer from this. It is also often recommended to cut off the leaves before the winter so that the energy does not go there to grow, because new leaves will appear in the new year.

When the Musa puts 'Da Jiao' inside?

The Musa 'Da Jiao' can withstand the hot sun well, so in summer it doesn't have to go inside. It also can withstand rain, so in autumn and spring and rainy days of summer it doesn't have to go inside either. But, at -5 frost it gets heavy, so it needs to be protected, or taken to a warmer place.

Why does a Musa 'Da Jiao' get yellow leaves?

It may be that the Musa 'Da Jiao' gets too little water during the growing season, but it is also a natural thing that leaves become dry. Some leaves have simply reached their age and then die off. The leaves can be removed with scissors, or by hand.

His Musa 'Da Jiao's poisonous to cats / dogs?

The Musa 'Da Jiao' is non-toxic, and can therefore be placed in an environment with cats / dogs.

Where to buy a Musa 'Da Jiao'?

We have a very simple answer to this question. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in hardy Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

Musa Da jiao is a special type of banana, also known as the plantain. It is a cross between the Musa sikkimensis and Musa balbisiana.

This also allows him to endure a number of degrees of frost.
This banana grows very fast and you don't have to wait long for a big banana. The underside of the banana leaf is covered with a white haze.

This banana species has wider leaves and they are also firmer than, for example, the Musa basjoo, which means that they are not easily blown to pieces.
He finds his origin in China where he is currently cultivated a lot for his fruit.