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The Chamaedorea elegans - Mexican Mountain Palm

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

How fast does the Mexican Mountain Palm grow?

The Chamaedorea is an average grower, so neither very fast nor very slow.

How high does the Chamaedorea become elegan?

The mountain palm grows to a maximum height of one meter, so it is a relatively small palm.

Chamaedorea elegans, how often water?

During the winter period in the cold, a Chamaedorea elegan can go a week without water, and then he shouldn't get too much even. But the warmer the weather and the more sunlight, the more water he needs. During the hottest days, a Chamaedorea elegan can need to get soaked twice a day.

Chamaedorea elegance, when pruning?

Throughout the year, the leaves of the mountain palm can become arid. As soon as they are so arid that they make the palm ugly, they can be cut off with scissors. This is not a problem for the plant.

The Mexican Mountain Palm is a very air-purifying palm. It is very good at removing toxins from your living room, and ensures a healthy indoor climate in your home.

The Mountain Palm ensures that wherever it is placed, a great tropical atmosphere is created by its amazing leaves.

It looks very much like an Areca palm, but it grows slower and its leaves often curl a little, creating a unique effect in your living room.

He is also called Parlor Palm, Good Luck Palm, Miniature Fish Tail, Dwarf Palm, Bamboo palm and Neanthe bella.