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The Brighamia insignis - Hawaiian Palm Tree

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does the Hawaiian Palm grow?

The Brighamia insignis grows slowly. It takes many years for this palm to reach the size of a meter or longer.

How big will the Hawaiian Palm be?

The Hawaiian palm grows to a maximum height of 4.5 meters, but that's in tropical climates. In a room in the Netherlands a Brighamia insignis will be less high.

Is the Hawaiian palm hardy?

No. This palm should always have a warm place. Otherwise it will die. We recommend a place with a temperature between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Does the Hawaiian palm tree also get flowers?

The Brighamia insignis is a flowering palm tree. After a few years it gets a luxuriant bloom in the autumn.

How should a Hawaiian palm be cared for?

Tropical plants love tropical soil, for which special nutrient soils have been formulated: Florentus Mediterranean soil. This helps them to root well and provide a good nutrient base. We recommend that the palm is kept warm and receives a lot of light, which it loves and cannot get over a dark cold spot. Pamper your palm with Palm Focus and make sure it receives all the right nutrients, making it extra strong and preserving its beautiful colours.

Do I have to prune the Hawaiian palm tree?

No, this palm tree doesn't need pruning. It lets its lower leaves die off when the time is right. When they have dried out you can easily remove them.

The Hawaiian palm, also called Brighamia Insignis, is a very exclusive chamber palm that originally comes from (his name already betrays it) Hawaii.

This great house palm tree gets very beautiful yellow flowers from its head, and eventually drops its lower leaves.

It is very rare because it is still scarce in its original habitat.