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The Mixed Conifer - Dwarf cypress - Winterhard

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Frequently asked questions, FAQ

Is the Dwarf cypress hardy?

The Dwarf cypress is very hardy and can withstand the Dutch winters very well. Protection is in principle never needed with this great plant.

When watering the Dwarf cypress?

During the hottest days of the year a dwarf cypress likes water every day, but in the other periods it grows slowly, so it doesn't need a lot of moisture. Give it some water every now and then, but it doesn't have to do it every day.

What kind of ground does the Dwarf cypress want

A dwarf cypress is not demanding in terms of soil, but a healthy amount of nutrients must be present. If you want to pamper the cypress, you can use lazy soil, such as our high-quality Green Jan potting soil.

How to prune / cut a dwarf cypress?

If there is a lack of moisture, a dwarf cypress can get dry branches. It is also natural that the lower branches eventually become dry. You can just cut them off to the trunk. The dwarf cypress does not suffer from this.

When putting the dwarf cypress inside?

The dwarf cypress can be grown outdoors all year round in both heat and frost. It is a very strong plant.

Are Dwarf cypresses poisonous to cats / dogs?

No, the dwarf cypress is non-toxic and can be safely planted in the garden or in a room where dogs and/or cats come.

Where to buy a Dwarf cypress?

We have a very simple answer to this question. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in hardy plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

If you want to buy a beautiful Dwarf Cypress Conifer, we recommend this great variety!

This Conifer has a unique appearance, a.o. because of its characteristic snow-white growth points.

It is native to California and can grow up to 2 meters high.

It is very nice as a solitary evergreen element in the border or in large pots on the terrace.

He will give every place, even in winter, a green atmosphere!
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