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The Dicksonia antartica - Tasmanian tree fern

The Dicksonia antarctica is a very beautiful tree fern that originated in Tasmania (Australia) high in the mountains where it also freezes, this makes it very suitable for our Dutch climate.

Its beautiful leaves and primal stem make it a true jungle plant, transforming any place where it is placed into a piece of rainforest.
The Dicksonia antartica has a beautiful stark stem that loves to be sprayed wet.

It looks a lot like a palm, but is definitely not one.

They can be found in the jungle up to an age of 300 years. Unfortunately many are cut down because they make pots from the trunk.

It is a tricky plant as it likes wetness and its winter hardiness is moderate. Despite what other sites tell you, it cannot tolerate colder temperatures than 5C.
The best thing to do is to let it hibernate free of moisture, but it can also be placed in the garden, although it needs to be protected!

Dicksonia antarctica retains its light green fern leaves in winter, with beautiful large leaves.

Protection of the tree fern in winter:
In full soil.
-7 to -11 degrees:
The trunk should be wrapped in climate cloth several times with a layer of hay in between. Leaves should be tied together and then filled with hay in the core, again surrounded by several climate cloths.
If it gets colder than -11 degrees, we recommend also putting a light tube around it so it stays warm enough.
Note he should not dry out in the winter months!