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Adenium - Buy Desert rose

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With us you can buy the desert rose. The Adenium is a beautiful plant that gets very special flowers that grow up to 5cm. Feel free to look around in our offer.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Is the Adenium toxic to humans?

Yes, this plant is very toxic to humans and animals.

Is the Adenium toxic to animals?

Yes, this plant is very toxic to humans and animals.

Dust the Adenium itself?

No, the Adenium is not self-pollinating. It is possible that insects sometimes transmit pollen from other desert roses far away.

Why do the leaves of my Adenium curl?

When the leaves of an Adenium curl over, this often means that the plant does not get enough nutrients. It is also possible that the plant does not get enough water, so make sure there is enough moisture and good nutrition. You can supplement with 'Ultra Focus' plant nutrition. We do not recommend cheap nutrition such as Pokon, which even works harmful.

How long can the Adenium seeds germinate?

The seeds of the Adenium germinate best when they are fresh. The older the seeds, the smaller the chance of germination.

How big will the Adenium be?

In the Netherlands, an Adenium can grow to a height of about 1-3 metres after a long period of growth.

Can the Adenium grow indoors?

Yes, the desert rose likes warmth, but also a lot of sunlight, so make sure you have a good spot near a window through which enough sunlight comes through.

Can the Adenium be stung?

Yes, the desert rose can be stabbed, through leaf cuttings and through 'top cuttings'. The foothills can also be stabbed.

Is Bonsai possible with the Adenium?

It does not occur very often, but the Adenium is well suited to grow as a Bonsai.

Can I prune the Adenium in the winter?

It may be possible, even if the plant will have difficulty recovering, but we strongly advise against this. It is best to prune the Adenium in early autumn or from mid spring, when the plant has a good chance to recover.

Can I prune the Adenium in the summer?

This is also possible, but we advise against it, because Summer is the growing season. If you do it anyway, you can expect the plant to grow or flower little in summer. We always recommend pruning the plant in early autumn or from mid-spring onwards.

How long does an Adenium live?

An Adenium lives for decades, so you don't have to worry that your well-groomed Adenium won't live long.

How do I care for an Adenium?

An Adenium loves a warm place with lots of sunlight, a good breeding ground and also supplementary feeding. A good breeding ground can be provided by means of Florentus Mediterranean Nutrition. This ensures good rooting and provision of the right nutrient base. We also recommend supplementary feeding with 'Ultra Focus', this is high quality Mediterranean plant nutrition that provides extra strength and health. This ensures that the plant retains its beautiful deep colours.

How do I make my Adenium blossom?

The Adenium will bloom when it is well cared for and has a sunny, warm place.

How long does the Adenium flower?

The Adenium can start flowering in winter, and continues all the way through to autumn, so it is a very long bloomer!

Does the Adenium have to be pruned? How?

Around winter and spring you can prune the Adenium by removing the dead parts. You can also prune back shoots that have grown too long.

Can the Adenium be planted from seed?

Yes, when a fertilized (adult) Adenium seed gives off, when harvested fresh it can be used to grow new Adeniums.

When can the seeds be harvested from the Adenium?

It takes a number of years before an Adenium seed starts to give off. The older the Adenium, the better the quality of the seeds will be. To harvest the seeds, we advise against picking the seeds from the plant. Instead, it is best to put a bag around the Adenium to catch the seeds when they are released from the plant. This is necessary because otherwise they will fly into the air.

What kind of soil does the Adenium need?

We recommend using soil with an airy structure and provided with basic nutrients. For this purpose we recommend Florentus Mediterranean soil, which contains everything the plant needs, except supplementary nutrients.

Why are my Adenium leaves yellow? Why are the leaves falling off?

It can have several causes for the leaves to turn yellow or fall off. The main causes are malnutrition, over-watering or under-watering. Check that the root ball is moist but not soaking wet. And if the soil is poor in nutrients or you have never added any, we recommend that you supplement with Ultra Focus, a complex nutrition for Mediterranean plants.

Why doesn't my Adenium bloom?

The main cause for an Adenium not flowering is that the plant does not get enough light. Provide a sunny spot. Also a cause can be that the plant is still recovering from e.g. repotting or pruning, if this has happened.

Where should I buy an Adenium?

We have a very simple answer to this question. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in hardy Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

The desert rose is a beautiful plant with its uniquely beautiful flowers that can grow up to 5 cm in size. It really is a showpiece for the home.

It likes a sunny spot and can therefore also be placed in the window sill.
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