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The Cycas revoluta - Peace Palm

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Frequently asked questions, FAQ

The Cycas revoluta, how big will it be?

The Cycas will eventually have a trunk of up to 150 cm high, from which a large canopy of leaves of up to 4x the trunk height can reach a total height of up to 8 metres.

Is the Cycas revoluta poisonous?

The Cycas contains a lot of 'Cycasin' and 'Beta-methylamino L-alanine', these are toxic substances. When ingested, the Cycas is very toxic for both humans and animals. Ingestion of leaves of the Cycas can even kill an animal.

Is the Cycas revoluta hardy?

Unfortunately this palm is quite temperature sensitive, so it is not hardy. During the winters it should be in a room where it doesn't freeze. If it does get a bit cold, it will tolerate temporary temperatures of up to 1 degree.

The Cycas revoluta is where to buy?

With us, Teeninga Palms, you can buy the Cycas revoluta. We have different sizes in our offer for low prices.

The Cycas revoluta, which land use?

We recommend using Mediterranean soil for all palm trees. This soil is specially adapted to tropical plants, whatever these palms are, and it ensures that they get exactly the nutritional base they need, apart from supplementary feeding which is also necessary. For this purpose we recommend Palm Focus.

Is the Cycas revoluta poisonous to cats?

Yes, the Cycas is very poisonous for cats. It is recommended to put this palm in a place where cats don't come.

The Cycas revoluta as a summer plant

The Cycas revoluta can be used as a summer plant in the garden. As long as it doesn't freeze, this beautiful palm is well deseeded in the garden. However, make sure you have a pot around the root ball so that it can be brought in with the winter.

How fast does the Cycas revoluta grow?

This palm is a rather slow grower. It doesn't grow very big either, with a trunk of maximum 150cm. Count on an annual growth of 5-10cm.

The Cycas revoluta, how often water?

The Cycas revoluta needs water every day on warm days, on colder days it can wait a day or 2 days, and with freezing temperatures it can wait a week.

The Cycas revoluta, when pruning?

The leaves of this feather palm automatically become dry, this happens every year. When they become dry or ugly, you can just cut them off near the trunk with pruning shears. With this the Cycas forms its trunk.

How to sow the cycas revoluta?

Count on no more than 50% of the sown seeds germinating.

1. The seed contains a woody protuberance. Remove this, because it counteracts germination.
2. File the seed, or make a shallow cut on one side to allow water to enter. penetrate hard seeds.
3. The seed should be 2 weeks old at this point. Let it weigh 3 days in lukewarm water.
4. Use coconut soil or Perlite, or a mixture. Sow each seed loose in a deep pot, because the Cycas Germinate in depth with a taproot. Place the seed on the sowing soil and cover it with a thin layer of soil.
5. Make sure that the seeds remain moist and mist regularly and on time. Keep a temperature at all times. between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Otherwise they won't germinate.
Germination normally takes 4 months before it starts, but it can take up to 15 months. So don't conclude too quickly that a seed will not germinate. The fresher the seed, the faster the germination.

The Cycas Revoluta is also called the peace palm. It has beautiful dark green foliage that is very strong. It resembles both a palm and a fern, but it belongs to the palm trees.

It is a slow grower, therefore it is a bit more expensive. The Cycas gives your living room the real feeling of the tropics, because it looks a lot like an ancient tree fern, which is deep in the jungle.

It really is a plant that can last a whole life, because it can grow older than 100 years.

Eventually the palm can become quite large, with a trunk up to 150 cm high.

When the new leaves emerge from the core, it looks exactly like the way a fern rolls out. The new leaves are first light green, after which they automatically change to their final dark green colour.
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