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The Cordyline australis 'Red Star' - Red Cabbage Palm

The Cordyline Australian Red Star is a beautiful ornamental palm that we also call cabbage palm, because all the leaves come from 1 central point, and hang outwards like a kind of cabbage.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

Is the Cordyline hardy?


The cordyline can tolerate cold up to a wind chill of 15 degrees below zero (depending on how much wind there is). Below that it needs to be protected.

How to protect a Cordyline against frost / Overwintering


When the cold gets below -15 degrees, protection is necessary for the survival of a Cordyline. You do this by wrapping fleece (a good breathable thin cloth) around the leafy crown to block the wind. If the Cordyline is in the full ground, then no protection for the root ball is needed. But if it is in an uninsulated pot, then the root ball should also be protected. You can do this by wrapping bubble wrap (or other insulating material) around the pot. So that the wind has no influence through the edge of the pot.

When to water the Cordyline?


When the Cordyline is outside it needs little water during the winters, almost none. But during the hot days of summer, it needs to be watered every day, sometimes as much as 2x on the very hottest days. In between, it can be once every 2-4 days, depending on the temperature. You can feel this on the soil. If the soil is reasonably moist, the Cordyline will still have enough water.

What kind of soil does the Cordyline want?

A Cordyline likes good nutrient soil. For example, you can pamper the root ball with a bag of Florentus Mediterranean Nutrient Soil, specially developed for Mediterranean plants like the Cordyline.

How to prune / cut a Cordyline?

For a Cordyline, it is a possibility that leaves will become dry and die. You can simply cut these off close to the core, or cut them off from the point that the leaf becomes dry. The Cordyline will not be bothered by this.

When to bring the Cordyline inside?


The Cordyline can withstand the hot sun well, so in the summer it doesn't need to be put inside. It can also withstand rain well, so in the fall and spring and rainy days of summer, it doesn't need to go inside either. But, at -15 frost (so really exceptionally in the Netherlands) he gets it hard. Then he needs to be protected, or taken to a warmer place.

Are Cordylines toxic to cats/dogs ?


Cordylines contain toxins that cannot be ingested by dogs or cats.

Where to buy a Cordyline?

To this question we have a very simple answer. Teeninga Palms is a specialist in the field of hardy Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

Highly recommended! Special palm that can be beautiful in the garden as well as in the house. Hardy to at least -10C, super cheap.

With its beautiful deep colored leaves it gives an extra exotic touch to the place where it is placed.

It also produces beautiful white flowers in the summer months.

It does need to be protected in winter during extended periods of frost, and with extreme frost spikes, as it is a true feeling plant.

This palm should not be kept too wet, and in a pot where excess water can drain away.

It likes a sunny spot.

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