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Diseases, symptoms and pests in your plants

When a plant is weakened by a disease, there is a big chance that pests abuse the plant. There are all kinds of reasons why your plant can get sick, such as too little or too much watering, a bad soil, too much or too little sunlight, too much wind, too low or high temperature exposure... So it can take some effort to find out what has made a plant sick, and what needs to be done about it.

We recommend that you regularly check the leaves of all your plants, especially the underside. If you find something that doesn't belong there, you can apply something at an early stage to get the plant healthy again. Do you have a lot of vermin, spider mites or aphids on your plant? Then it seems that the plant won't survive. However, we do recommend that you try out a few more control methods.



  • Many causes lead to illness
  • A weak plant attracts pests

Treatment of your plant

Treating a sick or weak plant is possible by following a number of steps. We give you all the information step by step to help you get your plant healthy again.

Remove as much of the contamination as possible

With a damp cloth or with your nail you can try to remove as much of the contamination from the leaves as possible. If leaves or entire branches are too much contaminated, cut them off. By minimising the contamination on the leaves you will improve the recovery capacity and limit the growth of the infection.

Giving the plant a shower

Make sure the soil is covered with foil so that no moisture can get to it. Put your plant in the shower! Make sure it is washed clean of vermin with lukewarm water. This is an effective way to remove vermin from the plant. Be careful with the spray strength, depending on the strength and size of the plant that gets the shower.

Set the plant apart from other plants outside

To prevent infestation, the plant should be set aside from your other plants. For recovery, we recommend placing the plant outside where it will not be in full sun. It should not be too cold, otherwise it should be inside. Putting the plant outside is a good way to control spider mites.

Application of chemical treatment

For a chemical treatment of your plant you can find different products. When you choose for this you have to follow the instructions carefully. After completing the treatment process you have to rinse the plant clean.

We also advise you to make a good treatment product yourself. Take 300ml of water in a spray bottle and add a cap of Spiritus. Also add a tablespoon of green soap. Make sure it is mixed well. Use this product regularly to spray the leaves.

Repot the plant

We recommend repotting the plant in a new, similar pot. Make sure that the original soil comes along as little as possible, by knocking out the roots. This is immediately a good opportunity to check how healthy the roots are.

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