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Bismarck - Bismarckia nobilis The Blue Palm

The bismarkes palm tree is a very unique palm species that has beautiful silver-grey leaves!
Also, its leaves are stiffer and can therefore also cope reasonably well with wind.
In this chapter we try to give you as much information as possible about this rare palm tree species !



  • Beautiful silver-grey leaves
  • super beautiful palm
  • Can be up to 0 degrees outside

How much water does a Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) need?

The Bismarckia nobilis is a hearty drinker and absolutely must not dry out.
He does have preferences when he needs a lot or little water!

How much water does the Bismarck nobilis (Blue palm) need in the summer months?

In the summer months it is very important to water the blue palm enough!
If this is forgotten, the bismarkes palm can drink its beautiful blue leaves, this must be avoided!

How much water does the Bismarck nobilis (Blue palm) need in the Winter months?

If the Blue palm is indoors with an average temperature of 20 degrees, the palm needs to be watered every week.
If you let it hibernate cold, it is important that the bismarkes palm does not get wet feet, this can result in rot!

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Where best to place a Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm)?

The Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) is a tropical palm tree that naturally loves the sun and can therefore be placed full in the sun!
But did you know that the Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) can also be placed in the shade ?
The only consequence is that it grows a bit slower.

If he is placed too dark (hardly any light) he can drop his leaves, they will become so weak that they just fall over, so he absolutely must not be placed in complete darkness!

Minimum Temprature

Daytime: + 5
At night: - 2

This is only possible if they do not come from the tropical greenhouse then, i.e. are grown outside.
If they are grown from a greenhouse, the minimum temperature is higher:

Daytime: +14
At night: +8

What happens when there's too much cold at the bismarkes palm?

If the bismarkes is too cold then its leaves may turn red, this would later recover.
But did you know that the smaller bismarkia s are also red?
Before the blue palm will turn its leaves blue, it will have to grow a bit, this would change at a height of about:120 cm.

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When to repot the Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) and why?

So you bought your own Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm), but why repot it?
Repotting is very important so that the palm can develop easily.
It is best to choose a pot that is at least 10 cm wider than the one it contains.
You can also plant the Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) directly in a larger container.

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What food does the Cupressus sempervirens need?

The Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) also needs food, especially when it is in a pot,
This is because a plant, just like us humans, not only lives off water it also needs green fodder to get a healthy growth.
It is best to use palm focus to ensure that Bismarckia nobilis (Blue palm) grows and blooms optimally.

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