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Different sizes
With us you can buy the beautiful bougainvillea, a real asset for your garden or room. We have this somewhat rare plant in different sizes and colors, something for everyone! Take a look around in our offer.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Bougainvillea always stay green? Does the Bougainvillea lose its leaves?

The Bougainvillea does require that the temperature does not fall below -4 degrees Celsius, and likes warmer temperatures. But then it will always remain green. On the other hand, it does not flower all year round.

Is the Bougainvillea toxic / Pet friendly?

No, the Bougainvillea is not poisonous and can be safely placed in places where many animals can come.

Can the Bougainvillea withstand drought?

The Bougainvillea certainly likes water and that the root ball is moist, but once this plant is well rooted it can also withstand a temporary drought. But we always recommend to keep the plant well moistened. That's when it stays best.

Are the flowers of Bougainvillea edible?

No, they're not edible. But they're not very poisonous either.

Is the Bougainvillea easy / difficult to grow?

Yes, it's quite easy to grow this nice plant, but it does like a good (slightly acidic) soil, and extra nutrition (especially in the beginning).

Does the Bougainvillea like an acidic or neutral soil?

The Bougainvillea likes a slightly acid soil. It thrives best in it.

Are the roots of the Bougainvillea penetrating?

The roots of the Bougainvillea are very sensitive, and therefore not very intrusive. They adapt more than they intrude. However, they grow very fast, which means that they can take up a lot of space if other plants don't take up that space first, so it has to be planned when this plant is placed.

Are the thorns of the Bougainvillea poisonous?

Yes, a prick from a thorn of the Bougainvillea can possibly lead to skin irritation called Dermatitis, so don't place this plant in a place where there is a lot of walking by, but at a small distance.

Can the Bougainvillea winter? Is it hardy?

The Bougainvillea is hardy to -4 degrees Celsius, but it likes warmer temperatures. We recommend keeping the plant in a pot, as it can then be brought in at extreme temperatures that sometimes occur.

Can the Bougainvillea grow well in a pot?

Yes, it is not a problem to grow this plant in a pot, but it does have an effect on the growth rate and how big it gets.

Can the Bougainvillea grow in?

Yes, the Bougainvillea likes a lot of light, so give the plant a good spot of light, and give it good care too.

Can the Bougainvillea be used as a cut flower?

Yes, but the Bougainvillea is sensitive to this. The flowers will remain beautiful for a few days when sitting on cut branches, placed in a vase with water.

Can the Bougainvillea grow well in a shady spot?

If the Bougainvillea doesn't get enough sunlight the chances of flowering will be reduced. It will also grow much less. And in the worst case it will die. We always recommend to place this plant well in the sunlight.

Can a Bougainvillea be planted well?

It is possible, but the Bougainvillea is a very sensitive plant, so you should wait for autumn in the summer, and at most until spring before the leaves grow. At those moments, the plant can cope with the traumatic event. In summer, the shock would be too great for the plant to recover. Make sure you keep as much of the root system as possible, by sticking it wide around the root ball.

Can a Bougainvillea be stabbed?

Yes, the Bougainvillea can be stung well, but it is a sensitive plant, so it comes very precisely. Teeninga Palms will later offer a mini course of Bougainvillea cuttings to visitors.

Can the Bougainvillea well over the full sun?

Yes, the Bougainvillea even likes it. This is a real sun-loving plant, and will thrive best in a place where the sun shines a lot. However, the roots of the plant must be kept well moist.

How does the Bougainvillea multiply?

The Bougainvillea comes in male and female form. When the males pollinate the females, they carry the seed. Through the seed the Bougainvillea spreads.

How do you make the Bougainvillea bloom?

The Bougainvillea will bloom when it is well cared for and receives enough sunlight, so make sure that the soil is adequate. This means that the soil has to be slightly acidic and contains the right nutrient base. For this we recommend Florentus Mediterranean Nutrition Soil. Ultra Focus Mediterranean Plant Nutrition also helps plants to become stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Furthermore, a sunny spot is important.

How much water does the Bougainvillea need?

Although an established Bougainvillea can withstand drought quite well, we recommend keeping the root ball well moist on hot days. On the hottest days, the root ball may be made soaking wet.

How do I take good care of my Bougainvillea?

A good breeding ground, extra supplementary feeding, sufficient (not too much) moisture and a sunny spot provide a well cared for Bougainvillea. For the breeding ground we recommend Florentus Mediterranean. For supplementary feeding we recommend Ultra Focus plant food.

Do I have to prune my Bougainvillea?

Pruning can best be done at the end of the flowering period, at the end of the growing season. Prune the long lateral shoots about half back. Or, prune all lateral shoots back to 3 to 4 leaf buds. It is also possible to prune in spring, just before the growing season.

What kind of land does the Bougainvillea need?

Bougainvillea likes a slightly acidic soil, and good supplementary feeding. For the soil, we recommend Florentus Mediterranean Nutrition Soil, which provides all the plant's basic needs.

Does the Bougainvillea need extra food?

In principle, this plant does not need supplementary feeding, and thrives quite well without. However, with supplementary feeding (Ultra Focus), the plant becomes stronger, has a greater health chance and will therefore retain its deeper, more beautiful colours.

What does the name Bougainvillea mean?

The meaning of Bougainvillea varies from place to place in the world, but for most places it is a sign of welcoming visitors and beauty.

Why does my Bougainvillea lose its leaves?

The biggest reason for leaf loss in the Bougainvillea is to give too much water. Too little water is not good either, but this plant does not like to get too wet feet. Only on the hottest days this plant can get a lot of water, but during the colder days it should be careful not to get too wet.

Have the flowers of the Bougainvillea fragrance?

Yes, the flowers of the Bougainvillea spread a nice sweet scent, similar to that of the honeysuckle.

When do I have to repot the Bougainvillea?

If you want to repot this plant, we advise you to do so at the beginning of autumn. Then the plant will have some time to recover and take root, before the winter starts, which is too heavy for recovery. Then the plant will be ready to grow and flower in spring.

Where does the Bougainvillea come from?

Originally this special bloomer comes from South America, but now it is found all over the world because of its strength and beauty.

Where should I buy a Bougainvillea?

We have a very simple answer to this question. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in hardy Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy!

Beautiful Bougainvillea flower. The Bougainvillea originates from South America.

The Bougainvillea flowers from May to October, and gets a great flower coverage. If the plant is kept inside, the flowering time can be much longer, all year round.

It is not very hardy. The maximum temperature is -4C, below that the Bougainvillea has to be put inside and put in a light spot. This plant needs only a little water.
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