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The Archontophoenix alexandrae - King palm - King Alexander Palm

The Archontophoenix alexandrae is also called the King's palm and not for nothing...
This magnificent palm is actually the king of palm trees.

When you buy the Alexander King palm you are actually bringing the tropics into your living room. It instantly changes the atmosphere in your home. What is also very fascinating is that in the morning when the palm is bigger it gives off an air which is reminiscent of the tropics.

This superb tropical palm is not demanding and can be used at home or in an office.
It can even be put outside in the summer months.

It is native to the rainforests of Australia.

With its beautiful feathery leaves and its imposing trunk that is green at the top and circles at the bottom, it is a showpiece and will give any place it is placed the feel of the tropics of Australia.

It is a very rare palm which is hardly ever offered in The Netherlands, and can endure up to -1 degree frost!

It could therefore also be placed outside in the summer months.

It can be used in offices, living rooms, greenhouses and can be placed outside in the summer months.