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Buy Albizia Julibrissin 'summer Chocolate' - Persian Sleeper Tree - Brown Red 170-200cm

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From our large collection of pots, we have made a special selection fitting for your plant

From our large collection of pots, we have made a special selection fitting for your plant
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The Albizia julibrissin 'Summer chocolate', is a beautiful dormant tree with dark purple/bordeaux leaves.
What's very nice about the sleeping tree (the name says it all): it goes to sleep at night, which means that it closes its leaves at night and opens them again during the day. This makes The Albizia julibrissin really a special tree. It is also called a silk tree and flowers beautifully with a bright pink colour.
The Persian Sleeping Tree is hardy, and likes to stand in a sheltered place.
It is a beautiful unique tree species that really belongs in the Mediterranean garden.

Winters do not require any specific protection, but in case of more severe winters (colder than -15°C) it is advisable to pack with frost protection.

Min. height (incl. pot):
Max. height (incl. pot):
170 cm
200 cm
Clod/pot diameter:
Clod/pot height:
Estimated weight:
35 cm
40 cm
35,0 kg
Minimum temperature:
Light shade/sun
Regular watering
Comes from:
Iran, Pakistan, Himalayas, China, Japan and Ethiopia
Soil type:
Mediterranean feeding ground
Full soil:
Tub plant:
Flowering period:
Rate of growth:
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Plants Encyclopedia

All interesting and necessary information about the Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate' is found in our encyclopedia


This plant should be watered regularly. During sunny periods we recommend watering every day. During less sunny periods we recommend watering once every 3 days, unless it has rained.


This plant should be placed in a sheltered spot.


Nutrition is very important for plants. We recommend to provide this plant with a good nutrient soil by using high quality Mediterranean soil.


Remove the top of the young plants more often so that they can branch out better. Older plants should be pruned regularly in early spring. Oversized plants can also be pruned directly back into the old wood or put in the garden.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Albizia hardy?

The Albizia julibrissin is winter hardy, but loses its leaves in the winter. Then it becomes a bare bunch of branches. However, the leaves just grow back in the spring.

How high does the dormitory get?

The Albizia julibrissin, also known as the Persian Sleeping Tree, can reach a height of 6-10 metres when not pruned. You can keep this tree nice in shape and height by pruning it regularly.

Does the Persian dormant tree also get flowers? When?

Besides its special leaves that close at night, the Albizia gets from June to autumn beautiful ornamental plume flowers.

How old can an Albizia julibrissin get?

These trees can get very old, that can't be determined as a number of years. But they're getting older than you and me.

When do I have to prune my bedroom tree?

The albizia doesn't mind being pruned. It's not like a palm tree where the lower leaves get dry and need to be pruned off, but in winter when the tree is outside it loses its leaves, so if you want to prune the branches you can just do that.

When should I water the Albizia julibrissin?

The Albizia actually needs good water every day in the heat of summer. The root ball should not dry out, but on less hot days it can wait a while. If the root ball still feels slightly damp, it's fine.

What kind of land does the Albizia want?

A dormant tree loves good soil, e.g. you can spoil the root ball with a bag of Florentus Mediterranean Nutrition Soil, specially developed for Mediterranean plants such as the Persian dormant tree.

Why does an Albizia julibrissin get yellow leaves?

It may be that the dormant tree gets too little water during the growing season, or too much water e.g. in autumn, but it is also a natural thing that leaves become dry. Some leaves have simply reached their age and then die off. The leaves can be removed with scissors, or by hand.

Albizia's are poisonous to cats or dogs ?

The Persian Sleeping Tree is non-toxic, and can therefore be placed in an environment with cats or dogs.


We selected these pots specially for this plant

Plant pots that are up to 4cm wider than the clod
Plant pots that are between 4 - 8cm wider than the clod
Plant pots that are between 8 - 20cm wider than the clod

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